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4 thoughts on “My Childhood Web

  1. Hi Birdie,
    We both have been blessed by having great family members that have inspired and supported us through our life’s. It’s amazing how certain people in our life’s play a certain role, a mother teaches us about compassion and respect, a grandmother teaches us about patience, and a father teaches us to strive for more. I can relate to your sister’s role, being the oldest of six, I taught my four sisters and only brother what my mom had instilled in me. I am proud to say we are a strong family unit and continue to support each other.


    • I am sure you are a great role model for your siblings. It appears your mom did a great job instilling in you the importance of family unity. When I looked back over my life, I can appreciate the quote, “It takes a village to raise a family.” I never really focused on the quote until now. I can truly appreciate and understand it more with our class discussions.


  2. Bephriam2,
    One of the most important things, that are missing these days from our children, are the morals and values. I am happy that I was able to grow up in a family that decided these were important. You were lucky to have a mother that guided you and offered you wisdom.


    • LaVette,
      Yes, I feel blessed for my mom and dad. Kudos to them. They were the best parents. I thought they were too strict sometimes, but now I am appreciative to the times they said “NO.”


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