War on Poverty

The young man or woman who grows up without a decent education, in a broken home, in a hostile and squalid environment, in ill health or in the face of racial injustice–that young man or woman is often trapped in a life of poverty. He does not have the skills demanded by a complex society. He does not know how to acquire those skills. He faces a mounting sense of despair which drains initiative and ambition and energy. President Lyndon B. Johnson


2 thoughts on “War on Poverty

  1. I have this conversation about my employees. It cost me almost 80% of my income to employee these ladies and pay their taxes. I realize it is not a livable wage, but I have no more that I can give. I want so much more for them but I also realize that if they don’t know better (to return to school, to have goals beyond their circumstances) they can not do better.


    • I am sure you are doing your best for your employees. Sometimes adults are like children, they need to know that someone genuinely care. I agree they must take initiative to better the circumstances. This is a war that they can not afford to lose.


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