The Importance of Immunization in all Cultures

The United States is a melting pot of different cultures. Polio is a  typical example of the importance of immunization in all cultures. Polio enters the mouth, multiplies in the intestine and is excreted in the feces. While in the intestinal tract, the virus enters the bloodstream and can infect the central nervous system. Most people who get polio do not even know they are infected. Some have mild flu-like symptoms. An even smaller number get meningitis or paralysis. Meningitis and paralysis occur when polio virus infects the central nervous system.  We want all our children and adults to be protected as we move from one culture to another.



10 thoughts on “The Importance of Immunization in all Cultures

      • Thanks Mary! I thought this was very interesting also. I had a totally different concept of how it is contracted. Knowledge is awesome. I am still reading information on this terrible disease.


      • Mary,
        Thanks for your replies on my blog. I am trying to find your blog site so I can post my responses there. Can you help me?
        I do not think Dr.Dossa saw any of my blog posts this week. I do not understand what is going on?


      • Mary,
        I tried to to get into your blog to read your post on teaching the whole child, but could not get into your blog. I would still love to hear your thoughts.


    • Hi Birdie,
      I did not see your response and only found out when i wen to comment on yours.

      It’s amazing how easy these diseases set up in our bodies. A little scary : ( Immunizations are so important although I think the farther we get away from a disease the less people feel impacted by the devastation they cause. When I interviewed the woman for my last post we were talking to me about immunizations and the fact that international travel has impacted how they look at immunizations. Today they pretty much follow the immunization standards we have for our children. They also shared that the last case of polio in Cape Verde was 1988 then in 2000 there were 50 deaths (not sure from what disease). In 2010 the government was putting funds (27 mil contos) towards vaccine programs.


  1. Polio is a very debilitating disease. I watch a documentary about a dancer named Tanaquil Le Clerq who contracted polio in her 20s. Once the shot was available all of the dancers were asked to take the shot before going to Europe.She skipped the shot because she got distracted. Before they travelled to a new destination, she ended up in a hospital and lost all function of her legs. This happened right as her career was taking off. The documentary is still available on netflix.


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