Relationship Reflection

Michelle, I love your family picture. It reminds me of how my immediate family use to look. We have experienced many deaths in the last 10 years. I have lost my mother, dad, and brother. I only have one uncle and one aunt still living out of almost twenty uncles and aunts. Enjoy your your large family, Work together in love and harmony. Family unity is awesome. We can have many partnerships within our immediate family. You are blessed. The challenges are worth it all, as long as we stay on one accord. My mom and dad taught me that many years ago. Be blessed!!


Family is the compass that guides you. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter – Brad Henry

The above quote really sums up for me what family means. Family is there to guide you, inspire you, and support you. Now we might not be perfect and true there are arguments and tears, but there is a love that keep us together. Without my family I know that I would not be where I am today.


Let me introduce you to some people who have a vital role in my life. My family

My Dad (centered) Everyone who know me know that I am a Daddy’s girl. I have learned so much from this man over the past 33 years. The one thing that sticks out the most is working hard. When I got my first job I remember him telling me to take…

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Relationship Reflections

My mother, dad, daughter, granddaughter, pastors, cousins, and friends are all my partners and make my world go around, and keep me focused. It may appear easy to build relationships with people but the process is actually challenging. Once a relationship or a bond with another individual is broken, mending it can be difficult. However, if the mutual connection is developed and sustained, the outcome can be remarkable. A well-built relationship can create an impact in our lives. Socialization skills are enhanced as we connect to people around us positively.

With good relationships, we are able to easily attain career goals because we are surrounded with individuals who support us in many aspects. An organization successfully achieves its mission-vision when employees or the team members are in a harmonious relationship with each other. With good mutual associations, an individual personally finds contentment and satisfaction in many things.

     Building a relationship with others is not easy, unless the connection already exists. For a relationship to grow and become unrelenting, it has to be nourished and maintained. A good relationship can make wonders in the life of each one of us.

  Mommy and Daddy


My mother and father always showed love for my siblings and me. They recognized that we were very unique, but we all needed their love, which actually enhanced our early childhood development. It seemed as though it was yesterday when I could hear their voices and touch. Although mom may have gotten a head start on the bonding process with us, daddy was always there, so strong and firm.  Daddy always stressed the importance of education and having a passion in life. He always challenged us to do more than expected. Mommy and daddy taught us persistence in the face of adversity, resulting in positive academic and social performance in school and everyday life. My mother always had answers for the complex questions in my life. She was my friend, partner, teacher, and confidant. My parents’ love helped me grow professionally and socially. I am an extension of them. I am firm in the classroom, yet, showing love and inspiration for my students. I recognize that all my student are unique with their own learning styles, just as my mom and dad accepted me and each one of my siblings learning capacity.