My Connections to Play

I love to wander in the woods as a child. I always wanted to find a Monarch butterfly. I still think they are so lovely. I love to take my lunch and eat with my imaginary friend name Lucy. Because my favorite TV show was I Love Lucy.

margie cunningham


As a child I spent hours in the woods, playing in the creek, climbing trees, and making up games. We would go outside in the morning and come in for lunch, go back outside and not come back in until dark. We didn’t need anything to play with, we used things that were in nature; sticks, leaves, water from the creek, and our imaginations! We didn’t spend countless hours in front of the television and we didn’t have computers. Our parents supported us in play by letting us explore on our own. Children today are not allowed to go outside, get dirty, or do anything in which they might get hurt. Childhood has become so politically correct that children are missing out on valuable life experiences. Everyone gets a trophy, no one looses, and creativity is…

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