Major Progress at the Global Fund

Independent Research for Global Prosperity

  My research and Podcast this week focused on major progress at the global fund. I learned so much, and I am finding it difficult to find a starting point. This is a weekly Podcast sponsored by CGD- Center for Global Development. Last September, 2014 a report on how the Global Fund could get more health for its money took on a deeper meaning. In it, The CGD offered concrete suggestions for improvements in several different values for money domains, all with an eye toward maximizing the health impact of every dollar spent.

The Center for Global Development works to reduce global poverty and inequality through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community to make the world a more prosperous, just, and safe place for us all. The policies and practices of the rich and the powerful in rich nations, as well as in the emerging powers, international institutions, and global corporations have significant impacts on the world’s poor people. The CGD’s focus is to improve these policies and practices through research and policy engagement to expand opportunities, reduce inequalities, and improve lives everywhere.

     Rigorous Research:

The (CGD) undertakes independent, high-quality research in economics and other disciplines. The Center’s research investigates pivotal issues of developmental policy which includes the following:

  • Aid Effectiveness and Innovation: Characteristics of effective development assistance, debt relief, and donor accountability practices; support to weak and fragile states; new ways for donor countries to support people’s efforts to escape poverty.
  • Climate Change: Interactions between global warming and development; climate-related aid (e.g., adaptation assistance, technology transfers, carbon offsets); development-friendly ways to minimize greenhouse gas emissions; the impacts of climate change in developing countries.
  • Global Governance: The roles of multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF; ways to make them more responsive to the needs of developing countries and more effective agents for collective action to provide global public goods.
  • Global Health and Education: The relationships among health, education, demographic change, and development; innovative solutions for health and education financing and delivery; enhancing girls’ well-being through education and other investments.
  • Migration: Opportunities and challenges that large-scale migration presents to global development and poverty reduction; the effects of increased mobility on sending countries’ development prospects.
  • Private Investment and Access to Finance: Policies that affect the quantity and quality of capital flows to low-income countries; the roles of multinational firms in development; protection against adverse financial shocks; access to financial services including micro finance.
  • Trade: Links between trade policy and global poverty reduction; the politics and policy of food and agricultural subsidies; development-friendly pathways for bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations; preferential market access for developing countries; intellectual property rights.


Retrieved from: Podcast: Center for Global Development (CGD) Podcast, 2014) Rajesh Mirchandani, CGD senior director of communications and policy outreach, interviews (CGD) experts in weekly podcast.


4 thoughts on “Major Progress at the Global Fund

    • Thanks Teresa,
      The Global Fund saves many children and adult lives. The podcast gave me hope for our babies and their families. They are steady making progress in child development and saving lives daily. Thumbs-up!!!!!


  1. The resounding theme of your research is policy! I am hearing what are the best written policies, best use of policy and best demonstration of policy effectiveness. This too was a theme in this week’s video. We have to fight for the disenfranchised by making policies that represent their needs.


    • La Vette,
      I think all great and productive programs will prosperous if they have well defined policies in place. Although, we have come a long way with written policy in place for global funding, We still have work to do.


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