International Contacts – Part 2

My reference:
The Center of the Developing Child, 2009


The curse of poverty has no justification in our age – Martin Luther King Jr.

A couple a weeks ago I posted about making international contact with educators in both Panama and Canada. As of this week I have not heard back from either country. Hopefully I will hear back in a few days, but if not I will take other options to find other educators that I can contact outside of the country.

The reason I wanted to make contact this week is to discuss with them the plight of poverty in their countries. Poverty has become a major issue in the early childhood field. There may be children in our class who live in poor housing and have little or no food to eat. The UNICEF website has a lot of information on the topic of poverty. When you look under Child Poverty and Social Protection there is many links to publications, research, and an overall…

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