Consequences of Learning About the International Early Childhood Field


           The 2010 Study on Child Poverty and Disparities in Mozambique ... http ...

   I enjoyed and appreciated my podcast contacts. My professional knowledge was enhanced tremendously. Although I was not able to establish communication with international professionals, podcast took me on an exciting journey. I have appreciated learning some of the exciting changes taking part in other parts of the world through podcast and websites. I really enjoyed the Global Children’s Initiative website where I learned about current projects trends and issues globally. I can now truly appreciate “Save the Children Initiatives. My advocacy for early childhood has expanded, so has my passion as an early childhood teacher and administrators. I have expanded my experiences with issues and trends that taking place in the United States and internationally.

First, it is difficult to discuss consequences of learning about international early childhood, without addressing intentionally and unintentionally consequences. Unintended consequence for me was well defined through podcast learning how poverty affects Early Childhood Education in many countries. The podcast has allowed me to see just how inequalities surrounding poverty affects the availability of education and needed resources in many countries. I have also learned how poverty affects children and families in my demographic area. My research through podcast has enhanced my knowledge on Global organizations and Save the Children Initiatives as related to needed assistance in ensuring that ALL young children receive a quality education.

Secondly, my advocacy as a professional and personal development has increased my knowledge and passion on global needs in early childhood education. I am more determined to advocate for policy changes and mandates that promote early child education. I understand the issues and trends of the early childhood education as well as what is taking place currently in different parts of the world. The interconnections among the economics, neurosciences and politics will assist me as I strive to be the needed voice for parents and children globally.

Lastly, as a professional I must be in tuned to cultural awareness and intended and unintended consequences at all times. Our culture is the way we think and behave. It encompasses lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs globally. Culture is dynamic, changing through interconnections with other cultures and adapting to different environments. Attitudes change through teaching and respecting culture awareness. Cultures are not always connected to nationality. For example, wealthy young people in different countries connecting through social media may have more in common with each other than they do with poor or older people in their own country. Generally, we are so comfortable with our own culture and so consider what we do as ‘normal’ that we may not be aware of our biases, prejudices and inconsistencies.

My professional goal for early childhood education is the continuance of a dedicated advocate to use my professionalism to be a voice for parents and children, promoting a quality and effective education for ALL children globally.


Laureate Education. (2010). “Economists, Scientists, and Politicians Supporting the EC Field.”




One thought on “Consequences of Learning About the International Early Childhood Field

  1. Birdie,
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I have learned a lot from the information that you have given us. Just like you I did not hear back from my contact but I chose to explore the different websites about young children. The podcast seemed to be very beneficial and full of information for us to use as we continue to impact not only our children here in the US but children all over the world.


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