My Family’s Culture

Blog Assignment Week 2

An understanding of the nature of culture is a long way from providing an answer to all issues of working in another society, but it will help us in a number of ways. I am sure a disaster will define the importance of learning and appreciating another culture so different from my own.

First, it will give us a greater appreciation of why people behave and think as they do. Moving to another region will force me to view that many of their ways are not strange, primitive, or even different from my culture.

Secondly, it will help me to recognize that we all are products of our own culture. We will learn more about ourselves, and this will help us to evaluate our own lifestyles

The three items I chose to carry with me as I start a new journey are my photos album, my bible, and a recording of my daughter’s first reading a storybook. My family photos will keep me grounded regardless of the drastic changes that is going to take place because of a sudden disaster. Family means everything to me. It does not matter that distance has separated us, we are still connected in spirit and faith. We will always be connected. I can look at my family pictures for strength and remember all the hard times and struggles we shared, yet persevered. They will be a reminder of times we disagreed, yet found strength through our problems. My family photos will let me know that I am never alone. My photos will remind me there’s no place like home.

My bible will keep me grounded spiritually. I am a firm believer that all things are possible through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. I can face the disaster and relocation with my head held high, knowing I will stand firm and not faint. It is a family tradition to record family’s birth dates, death dates, and our family tree is recorded in our family bible. The family’s bible is pass on to the first born in each family.

I have never heard anything so beautiful as my daughter reading her first storybook. I taught her to read phonetically. She pronounced each word distinctly and precisely, not leaving out a single syllable. Each time I play the recording, my heart pounds with excitement, as though I am hearing it for the first time. As she reads, I am reminded that parents are their children’s first teacher.

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6 thoughts on “My Family’s Culture

  1. Hi Birdie,

    We both had similar items that we decided to take with us. The one that stood out to me was taking our Bible’s. I feel that my Bible is my strength and encourages me that God knows how much we can bear. My Bible reminds me of the Sunday morning hymns that my grandmother would play and sing. It reminds that regardless of what arguments occurred throughout the week we were all able to come together and worship together as a family. Our faith is what unites us. I like that you are not afraid to share your spirituality with others. I also like that you decided to bring your daughter’s recording. That is something I wish that I had of myself that I could share with my family and other young children who are struggling with reading.

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    • Thanks Olympia,
      I ride with my bible next to me. No, I am not ashamed to show my spiritually. I have gone through many difficult situations in my life. It has to be a supreme spirit guiding us. If I was left to start a new life. I would need my bible, it is my comforter. Yes, my daughter’s reading recorder means the world to me. It is a keeper for me.


  2. Hi Birdie! Your post is wonderful! And I must agree learn about culture does help us to be more open minded about others and appreciate differences that are unique and what make us human. I think the beauty of our differences give way to the whole element of mankind and helps us to understand the ideology of people from many points of view. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, great post!

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    • Subjectivity is the key. As professional we must be aware of similarities and differences in our cultures. If we keep these factors in mind, I think we will meet the every day challenges of teaching in a diverse classroom and society.

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  3. Hi Birdie,
    Happy to blog with you again! I enjoyed your culture quote, and you picked some very important items to take with you. Family photos and keepsake can be very important. I have a memory box full of family pictures and they say quite a story. I have always felt that a picture will capture more than a video.
    I also chose religious items because I felt my faith will get me through any obstacle. Thank you for sharing your important family views.

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    • Hi Monica,
      My faith is everything to me. It has sustained me when I thought I could not make it. I saw my mom and dad fall on their knees together when things got tough in our lives. Pray and faith sustained them, therefore it is good enough for me.


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