Getting to know your international contacts-Part 3

Great info on professional training in other countries. I like Darcy’s choice to network with other teachers. She can now network with you and vice-versa. Just think of all the great resources you and Darcy can exchange. Great blog Jess!

Reflections by Jess

Professional development is the skills and knowledge an employee gains to optimize his/hers personal development and job growth. This week Darcy and I spoke about our professional goals and about professional development offered in Asia. According to her there are many PD opportunities there; she explained that since there are a lot of international schools there is a big network for teachers and schools to share information with and that trainings and professional development workshops are in high demand. The school where she works provides them with 30,000 baht worth of PD funds a year, which is around $950. It doesn’t roll over, but they are able to get special permission to pay for Master’s program and such with it. She said that at times you can also sometimes convince their principal to fund a bit extra, which she said she did this year. Her school also provides workshops that…

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